[Sales record] MITSUBISHI FUSO FIGHTER / FK628K / 6D17 Engine

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This FUSO FIGHTER was ordered from one of our customer who is in Burundi.
This truck is flat body and the engine is 6D17 engine and this truck was used for livestock transport.
The undernearth and other body place are clean condition.
So it will be used so long time after reached to Burundi.

FUSO FIGHTER is one of most popular Japanese truck model , especially , 6D engine series are most popular.

This FIGHTER’s engine is 6D17 engine , it’s 8200cc.
1998year , 4 ton , 628000km , diesel engine.
And we removed the top of roof cause by cllient order.
So we can respond to any customer’s needs. For example , if the customer wants to change the body or repaint , of course we can do it.

If you are interested to buy Japanese used FUSO FIGHTER , please let us know.
There are so many units in our list , and we can find any FUSO FIGHTER.

List of FUSO FIGHTER : http://www.everycar.jp/used-cars.php?make=mitsubishi&model=fighter&type=&min_year=&max_year=&keyword=

Best regards,

CEO Watabe

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