Customer’s Voice — D.R. Congo

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Dear Suzuki san,

Hi, We are happy for the quality of that, the same you present to us before buying it.

Thank you very much for all
and I will be intouch with you for other possibilities to buy cars from Japan


Bets regards,

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From: cadeau kawawa
Date: 2012/7/27
Subject: Re: here is my comment
To: Shibuya
Dear Shibuya,
my comment, and the photo of the receipt of the vehicle that I purchased from you.
Verily I thank you for the service you render to your organization Every co,
Personally I am happy with the way you do: honesty, timeliness and courtesy in business = success.
I already bought at around Shibuya, more than seven vehicles and I always ensure save as I command.
Thank you and good luck.
Gift Matabishi Kawawa
Uvira / DR Cong
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Customer’s Voice—Zimbabwe

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Excellent deal.
I got my car in condition and drove it for 1500km from the port to my country
without a problem.
Only that some thieves had stolen some accessories (not your faulty though)
I have since refered more than five people since they found your prices quite reasonable.
Shibuya, thank you man. Next deal definately coming soon.
Let’ us be fast this time. You delayed sending my car.
Well done.
Munopfukutwa Cedric