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Subaru held a press briefing on January 20, 2020 at its headquarters in Shibuya, Tokyo, and announced future initiatives, focusing on environmentally friendly technologies.
At the briefing, the mid-term management vision announced in 2018, such as aiming for zero fatal accidents by 2030, was reconfirmed.
“We aim to further refine Subaru and become“ Different ”for our customers.” “To achieve social responsibility including global environmental protection, realize a decarbonized society through personality and technological innovation. To contribute to the project. ”
A design study model of an EV jointly developed with Toyota with the goal of launching it in the early 2020s was also announced. Subaru is an SUV-type four-wheel-drive vehicle that “ uses the results of advanced development to meet expectations such as high safety performance and AWD performance that users approach Subaru, running stability in bad weather, Fun to Drive, etc. It will be a Subaru-like EV. ”


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