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Record of business trip / Netherlands

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I went business trip to Netherlands on the first week of this month.
There are big conference for business and social contributions.
And of course there are many our customers in Europearn area.

Europearn customers love Japanese used rare cars.

And they love also old Europearn cars which was used long time in Japan because Japanese maintenance quality is very high , therefore there are so many good old premier cars in Japan.
For example , Porsche 911 , Ferrari , Mercedez Benz , etc ,,
We sold some Used Porche 911 to Netherlands customers.

Netherlands is one of developed country in the world , therefore there are not so big necessity of Japanese used cars.
But rare cars are needed so much. We can try to sell Japanese Used rare cars to European area.

This is so good dream for European Customers.

Best regards,

CEO Watabe

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