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[How to buy a car from our website ?] The procedure for ordering goods

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I introduce three ways of the order of the car to you.

[when you ask it from our stock]
1. Please look for the car which you want from our website.
2. You input information into the lower part “CONTACT”, which is and transmit.
※ Name, Address, Country, Destination Port, Tel, Email, Budget
3. I reply by an email from our business charge in approximately five minutes. Wait a minute.

[when you look for it from auction]
1. Please log in.
2. Please look for a favorite car from “SEARCH FROM AUCTION”.
3. You input a budget into right “Your C&F Price Offer” part and transmit.
4. Because I reply by an email from our business charge for approximately five minutes, wait a minute.

[when you want to order all it by one’s favorite designation]
1. You input an item following than “CONTACT” of the top page, and send an email.
※ Name, Address, Country, Tel, E-mail, Message

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