[Sales records] MITSUBISHI FUSO FIGHTER / FK61FK / 2001year model

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FUSO FIGHTER is one of most popular Japanese truck.
Especially , 6D engine series are so expensive. But 6D series are old model , it’s till around 1998year.
Newer than 1998 are not 6D engine series , therefore the newer model are cheaper than 6D engine series trucks.
But it’s so reasonable because Japanese Used truck are so strong and toughness. Therefore , we recommend those cheaper model if customer’s budget is so tight.

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MITSUBISHI FUSO FIGHTER is middle size truck made by MITSUBISHI since 1984year.
FUSO FIGHTER is one of most popular Japanese Truck for all over the world.
Especially , 6D15/6D16/6D17 engine are very popular.


She is one of our customer from Zambia who bought the FUSO FIGHTER with Crane.
This FUSO FIGHTER was 1996year and over 200,000 km , the engine is 6D17.
It was arround 20 years old from now.
But all condition are no problem and she can use it so long time still now.
So she can make big profit for her transport business.

Japanese Used Truck can make many profit for user.
Because it’s convenient , comfortable , powerful , toughness.
Even if you will use over 1,000,000km with maintenance , you can still use it more.

Therefore Japanese Truck is the best truck for all over the world , for all transporter in the world.

If you are interested to buy this model from Japan , please check our list.
*Click to open list of MITSUBISHI FUSO FIGHTER : http://www.everycar.jp/mitsubishi/fighter/