Ralliart specification “Triton” “Pajero Sport”

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On November 30, 2021, Mitsubishi Motors announced that it will set a special specification car “Ralliart” for the pickup truck “Triton” and the midsize SUV “Pajero Sport” as the first revival of the company’s ralliart brand.
From the same day to December 12, the vehicle will be exhibited at the 38th Thailand International Motor Expo 2021 held in Bangkok, Thailand, and local sales will start on December 1.

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Lexus announced the “ROV Concept” in Europe on December 2nd. It will be the first Lexus vehicle equipped with a hydrogen engine.

ROV is an abbreviation for “Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle”. “ATV” = All Terrain Vehicle, or “side-by-side” because it seats two people horizontally, or misused, it is also called a four-wheel buggy.

According to Yamaha, a Japanese manufacturer that handles ROVs, ROVs have a seating capacity of two or more and have a steering system similar to a car such as a steering wheel, and are widely used from leisure and sports driving to agricultural work. It is said that it is. Honda is also developing similar models mainly in the North American market.

Luxury car brand Lexus has proposed ROV as a concept model exclusively for off-road use. According to Lexus, it goes beyond on-road and off-road experiences to offer customers looking for more adventure. Continue reading

Customer’s photo and review from Zambia / MITSUBISHI FUSO FIGHTER

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The customer sent the photo and reviews of the MITSUBISHI FUSO FIGHTER which he bought from EVERYCAR.jp

[Good day. Thanks I got my truck as good as I expected it. I am planning to get another one in the first quarter of next year.]

2011Year model / 7,540cc / Manual / SKG-FK72FY / 5 ton Freezer (refrigerated)

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Daihatsu New Hijet Truck Minor Change

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Daihatsu will make a minor change to the new “Hijet Truck” and release it on December 20, 2021.

Exterior design changes, headlights and bumpers with new designs. A new body color has been adopted. Change the interior design and set the display audio. Equipped with a newly developed FR-dedicated CVT. Equipped with electronically controlled 4WD and super diff lock for CVT. In addition to pedestrians during the day, “Smart Assist” is now available for bicycles at night.

New “WRX S4”

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On November 25, 2021, Subaru announced a new model of the sports sedan “WRX S4”.

The predecessor WRX S4 appeared in August 2014. This is the first full model change.
Subaru describes the new WRX S4 as “a model that symbolizes Subaru‘s AWD performance, which combines excellent driving performance with the practicality of a 4-door sedan by refining all performance such as power performance, steering stability, quietness and ride comfort.” Introducing.

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Mazda North American Operations, which oversees Mazda’s North American business, unveiled the new model “Mazda CX-50″ for the first time in the world on November 15, 2021.

The Mazda CX-50 is a new type of crossover SUV that offers both on-road comfort and high ability to run on rough roads. Mazda said about the car, “It stands out in nature, combining the elegant quality of Mazda’s design theme” Kodo-SOUL of MOTION “with the strength and tough functionality required for SUVs. A crossover SUV that gives off a strong presence. ” Continue reading

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