[Sales Performance] NISSAN CARAVAN BUS / 2001year KG-DWMGE25

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Nissan Caravan is one of popular Japanese Van which born since 1973 year. The latest model name is NV series (NV200/NV350).

IMG_8773 - コピー

He is one of our customer from Zimbabwe , and he bought the NISSAN CARAVAN BUS and he sent the photo with message.
First , this Caravan didn’t have second seat , so it had first seat.
But it was good engine and running was no problem and the condition was clean.

Year : 2001
Chassis model : KG-DWMGE25
Odometer : 160,000km
Transmission : AT
Engine Size : 3,000cc

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Useful Nissan Commercial Cars

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Today I learned that 1/5 of the number of sales by Nissan is commercial cars. According to the ranking of the best seller Nissan cars (April 2015~January 2016), the 6th was Clipper truck & van, the 7th was NV350 Caravan and the 8th was AD. That means 3 models of Top 10 were commercial cars.

I’d like to introduce poplar commercial Nissan cars here.

Nissan Caravan (Van / Coach / Bus)

caravan van 01

Caravan Van and Caravan Coach is the biggest van of Nissan commercial cars. Caravan Van has 3~9 seats, 2000~2500cc engine. There’re a basic, long , and super long body type. It’s liked for not only business use, also private use.

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NISSAN DUALIS is a midsize cross-over SUV. The European and other overses countries name is NISSAN QASHQAI.
The concept is “Smart and compact cruiser”.
It was made since 2006.

Engine is 2L(4-cylinder MR20DE).
Car grade valiation is 20S/20S FOUR and higher grade 20G/20G FOUR.
20G has Xenon headlamps and leather steearing , stylish glasss roof , 17inch alloy wheels , and other some options.
The 4WD system is same as NISSA X-TRAIL.
It got authentication of SU-LEV(Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle) on 2005year.

NISSAN DUALIS is quick running and easy handling and very strong running.
Nissan has some good SUV (X-TRAIL,MURANO,SAFARI,etc). Also DUALIS is one of good SUV from NISSAN too.

And especially , this car is popular from Kenyan and Tanzanian customer.

The below photo is one of our Kenyan customer who bought NISSAN DUALIS.

About Chassis Model:

[First model]
Made by 2007 year
DBA-J10 : 1997cc / 2WD
DBA-NJ10 : 1997cc / 4WD

[Second model]
Made by 2008-2013 year
DBA-KJ10 : 1997cc / 2WD
DBA-KNJ10 : 1997cc / 4WD

If you are interested to buy used NISSAN DUALIS , please check our list.
URL : http://www.everycar.jp/nissan/dualis/