Mr BAATAR from Mongolia

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Mr Baatar visited our office. He worked as a staff for Mongolia at our company before. So we are very glad to meet him again. After retiring from our company he was involved in a project to import rice and flowers from Japan to Mongolia. Now his main business is a tour of river fishing in Mongolia. You can catch big fish such as Taimen(Itoo) in Mongolia. If you are interested, please contact him.

He is an important friend, so I’d like to continue to collaborate with each other in the future.


Car Show In Niigata 2017

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Hello, this is Ikeda.

Japan is only the day when weather is bad under the influence of a typhoon.

Meanwhile, there was the event of the car in Niigata where EVERY was located.

The weather was rainy under the influence of a typhoon, but was a very exciting event.

There had been Halloween, and there was the person who I did a costume play in the meeting place, and heaped up it.

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