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Today I learned that 1/5 of the number of sales by Nissan is commercial cars. According to the ranking of the best seller Nissan cars (April 2015~January 2016), the 6th was Clipper truck & van, the 7th was NV350 Caravan and the 8th was AD. That means 3 models of Top 10 were commercial cars.

I'd like to introduce poplar commercial Nissan cars here.

Nissan Caravan (Van / Coach / Bus)

caravan van 01

Caravan Van and Caravan Coach is the biggest van of Nissan commercial cars. Caravan Van has 3~9 seats, 2000~2500cc engine. There're a basic, long , and super long body type. It's liked for not only business use, also private use.

Caravan Coach 01

Caravan Coach has 8-10 seats. You can see them as a wagon taxi, a rental car, a kindergarten bus, etc. Its high roof models are especially poplar for overseas.

Caravan bus has maximum 15 seats. This is used as a taxi, a rental car, etc.

Nissan Vanette (Van / Truck)

Vanette Van 01

Vanette Van is a smaller van than Caravan. The engine is 1800~2200cc. The latest model NV200 Vanette is 2WD only. Seating capacity is 2~6.

Vanette truck 01

Vanette Truck has 2 types of chassis. The normal chassis can carry 850kg. The long chassis can do 1 ton. This small truck are useful in town.

Nissan AD (Van / Expert)

AD 01

AD Van is a light van for 2~5 passengers. The engine is 1200~1800cc. Mazda Familia Van and Mitsubishi Lancer Cargo are OEM vehicles of AD. This commercial car is poplar for sales people. They put products on it and circulate clients.

AD Expert 01

AD Expert is the high grade model of AD. The basic design is from Wingroad, but the rear suspension system is designed more compactly for carrying goods.

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