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There are 3 main reasons why our customers choose EVERYCAR.jp Why choose EVERYCAR.jp for Japanese used cars and farm tractors for sale ? There are 3 main reasons why our customers choose EVERYCAR.jp I will explain about [3. EVERY SPEED ORDER SYSTEM] in this section.

MITSUBISHI FUSO FIGHTER Three units | Customer's review from DR Congo


The customer sent the video and photo of the MITSUBISHI FUSO FIGHTER three units which he bought from EVERYCAR.jp KK-FK71GE / 6M61 Engine KK-FK61FK / 6M60 Engine PA-FK61FK / 6M60 Engine Review : [I bought three Fuso Fighter to DR congo from EVERYCAR Japan. These trucks are so special condition and very special support from EVERY Co Ltd Japan, thank you so much EVERY Japan.Thank you so much again and again.] We are very touched by these reports. Japan and the DRC are countries more than 12,000 kilometers apart, and we sincerely hope that these three used trucks will be ...

How to import used Japanese cars from Japan to Guam


[Importing a Vehicle] All imported vehicles must meet US motor vehicle safety standards, Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency standards. Failure to meet US emissions and safety standards can lead to cost prohibitive conversion costs as well as bonding and detention charges. [Shipping Port] Port of Guam [Vessel Type] RORO or Container [Age Limit] No Age Restriction [Transportation Cost] It depends on the size and weight of the vehicle, the transportation method, and the transportation distance. Generally, the cost ranges from 100,000 yen to 300,000 yen. [Procedure in Guam] When the vehicle arrives in Guam, import taxes and fees ...

How to import used Japanese cars from Japan to Mongolia


Mongolia has a large market for Japanese used cars, and many Japanese cars are exported to Mongolia every year. We have been exporting Japanese used cars, agricultural machinery and spare parts to Mongolia since 2006. Our CEO has visited Mongolia more than 10 times and has a very deep understanding of the country. Record of business trip / to MONGOLIAN / 2nd time I visit to Mongolian for three time , this photo is for 2nd time. It is one of our important strategy and service "EVERY's MEETING". What is "EVERY's MEETING" ?

EVERY's Local Partner System


Would you like to become EVERY's partner ? We are an exporter of these products. Japanese Used Cars, Trucks, Buses Farm Tractor & Combine Spare parts and any other Japanese products EVERY Co Ltd is a Japanese export company established in 2006, and we are looking for a business partner to develop together.

Japanese Used Car Dealer and Exporter in Niigata Japan | EVERY Co Ltd


Dear visitors from overseas to Niigata Prefecture, We, EVERY Co Ltd, is Japanese used car export company based in Niigata, Japan. If you contact us when you come to Niigata, we can offer you good quality used cars for souvenir.

Japanese Used Heavy Equipment for sale


EVERY Co Ltd also offers used construction equipment and heavy equipment . We can export any machinery from hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, rough terrain cranes, crab cranes, crawler cranes, crawler dumpers, skid loaders, bulldozers, and generators to compressors, etc.