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SUBARU FORESTER DBA-SHJ | Used car exported from Japan to Uganda


Discovering the Subaru Forester DBA-SHJ: Uganda's Tough and Economical SUV Embrace Durability and Affordability with the Forester A Fresh Milestone for Uganda It's exciting to share that EVERY Co Ltd has recently exported the Subaru Forester DBA-SHJ to Uganda. This specific model, with its 2,000cc FB20 engine, has emerged as a symbol of resilience and efficiency.


TOYOTA COASTER | N04C Engine | Customer’s review from Zambia


The customer who bought this TOYOTA COASTER sent the photo and review. TOYOTA COASTER / 29 seats 2005Year / May PB-XZB50 N04C 4,000cc

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NISSAN CIVILIAN | 4M50T Engine | Customer’s review from Zambia


The customer who bought this NISSAN CIVILIAN sent the photo and review. NISSAN CIVILIAN / 29 seats 2007Year PA-AHW41 4M50T Engine 4,900cc


ISUZU ELF TRUCK | 4JB1 Engine | Customer’s review from Zambia


The Isuzu Elf S-NHR55E: A Symbol of Commercial Reliability in Zambia In Zambia, the Isuzu Elf S-NHR55E model stands as a testament to durability and dependable performance. This truck, featuring the robust 4JB1 engine with a 2,770cc displacement, is favored for its ability to withstand the rigorous demands of diverse road conditions. Let's delve into why the Isuzu Elf, particularly the S-NHR55E model, has become a popular choice for Zambian businesses and entrepreneurs.


TOYOTA SUCCEED VAN | DBE-NCP51V | Customer’s review from DR Congo


The customer who bought this TOYOTA SUCCEED VAN sent the photo and review. TOYOTA HILUX SURF / SSR-G 2014Year DBE-NCP51V 1,500cc

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TOYOTA HILUX SURF LA-RZN215 | Customer’s review from DR Congo


The Toyota Hilux Surf TA-RZN215: DR Congo's Favorite SUV The Toyota Hilux Surf model TA-RZN215 is making waves in DR Congo, with its robust build and cost-effectiveness leading to a high number of imports from Japan. This blog dives into the allure of the used Toyota Hilux Surf, specifically the TA-RZN215 model, and why it's the sought-after vehicle in DR Congo.


MITSUBISHI CANTER 4M51 Chassis | Customer’s review from Uganda


Discover the Enduring Appeal of the Used Mitsubishi Canter 4M51 in Zambia The used Mitsubishi Canter 4M51 chassis is taking Zambia by storm, cementing its reputation as a robust and economical medium-duty truck perfect for the country's diverse terrains. This blog post delves into why the used Mitsubishi Canter, particularly the 4M51 model, is the smart choice for businesses and individuals in Zambia, offering unparalleled reliability and value for money.