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BMW i3


BMW i3 is 100% electric vehicle for 4 seater
The concept is "The Inovation for Automobile"
The mission is "ZERO EMISSION"
The passanger cell is made by CFRP(Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics) which boast most lightweight and high strength.
So i3 has mission for future of Automobile.

Innovative technology of BMW eDrive has been developed by philosophy of BMW Efficient Dynamics.
It has agility , exciting , and almost silent running sincerely relaxing.
And regarding design , it is seeking thoroughly for foresight and sustainability.

Innovative technology is expressed faithfully.
And it has special beauty and get distinctive identity.
The appearance is most clear simple and exquisite harmony and dynamic.


EV(Electric Vehicle) is so quiet.
But quietness of i3 is special , it's most quiet than other EV.

So , i3 is most advanced "Premium urban mobility".
*Acceleration ; 4 seconds to 60km/h
*Charging time ; 30 minute
*Grade ; Base grade / Celebration Edition

There is only a little in Japan still now.
But I think this car will be more popular in market of many countries.

Of course I can find it from Japanese market.
If you are interesterd to buy BMW i3 , please let us know.

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