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Used Combine for Sale

We have been exporting used Japanese combine harvester to countries all over the world since 2006.

Combine harvester is a large machienary which is used for cutting, threshing and selecting crops.
There are more than 30000 units in use in Japan.

For the same reason as tractors, used Japanese combine harvesters are also very popular around the world.

Japanese combine harvester is smaller than used in other country (America and Europe, China etc).
But, I recommend so much for Japanese combine harvester by all means if you want to use long and strong.

Tractors are mainly used in the fields of Japan, while combine harvesters are mainly used in the rice paddies of Japan.
Niigata Prefecture, where EVERY is located, is very active in rice production and ranks first in Japan in both acreage and harvest. In addition, Niigata's Koshihikari rice has a nationwide reputation as a delicious rice and is the number one rice producer in Japan.
This means that our region has many combine harvesters that were used in the rice paddies, and we can purchase good quality used Japanese combine harvesters at low prices.

If you are interested in Japanese used farm tractor and combine harvester, please check our lists.
List of Japanese Used Farm Tractor and Combine Harvester [*click to open the page].

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