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This is first model for GT-R series since 1696year.

SKYLINE GT-R is highest grade of SKYLINE.
This model is still loved so many people in Japan and all over the world.
Therefore , the used GT-R is sold very high prices with premium.

Today , I introduced 1st and 2nd model.


[1st model] PGC10 / KPGC10 1969-1972year


PGC10 1969-1970year
KPGC10 1970-1972year

The body is meet , but engine is ferocity , so the catchphrase is "Wolf suffered in sheep's clothing".
The total sales volume ; PGC10 is 832 units , KPGC10 1197 units.
There was no more units in the market....

The best topic of this model is the engine.
The engine is S20 model which made by Nissan.


[2nd model] KPGC110 1973year


This model has radiator grill , over fender , rear spoiler , and radio is standard equipment.
The engine is same as before , it's S20 engine.
The total sales volume is only 197!
If I find one from local market , it's very very expensive.


It's very difficult to find from local market because of course these models are still loved from many many people.
But if you want to buy this model , of course we can try to find our best!

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