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Hi there, this is Ikeda.

Spring season is coming to Japan. I’m so happy the weather is getting comfortable ’cause I don’t like cold weather. I’m thrilled to visit many car shows will be held in spring.

Today I’d like to introduce one of car shows that was held with season coming.

The following is the report from STANCENATION.

Pretty sure we’re not alone when we say that we are huge supporters and fans of Work Wheels.
How cool would it be if there was a car show somewhere and every single car in attendance had a set of Work Wheels!?
We find ourselves wondering such things from time to time, but there is no need to wonder anymore.
You see, Work Wheels Japan has teamed up with some really cool Work enthusiasts to put this incredible show together.
It all started last year when close to 100 cars gathered at the Motegi Circuit.
Work took notice at the amount of support they had and decided to take things to another level for 2017.
As you can tell by how many photos there are, there were way more than 100 cars this time around.
As a matter of fact, somewhere over 300 cars came from all over Japan.
We’ll get into more details in the second part of our coverage so make sure to check back in a couple of days!

Almost cars entered to car shows come to show place by driving. So the technique to drive without injuring body is required.

Installing air suspensions to big wagons like Vellfire is poplar.

This Prius is not an accident car.

This Jimny is NOT an accident car lol

I’m going to introduce thrilled fanny Japan car shows this season, too.


せんきゅー thanks.


This engine is repaired perfect.

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This is one of our Hiacevan’s engine , the model is 2013year.
It was broken because it was tried to move even though it has big oil leak. And the engine was overheat and broken.
So we were trying to repair it and we could repair it perfect immediately by our professional repair team.

Normally , Japanese engineer change to another enigne if the engine is overheat. Therefore , it’s takes very high cost.
But our professional repair team check the engine details at first if the engine is overheat. And the team check the engine internal again and again ,,, and find the cause of the issue.
Then we buy the spare parts for the repair and the team repair to perfect.
It’s very low cost than changing to another engine.

This is one of our strength.
We can repair any big problem and any big accident.
Therefore , you can order any damaged and accident cars to us , then we can repair perfect before shipping by low cost.

Best regards,

CEO Watabe