NISSAN SKYLINE R31 Limited Model / 300 units only in the world.

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Hello, this is Ikeda.

I introduce a very rare car today.


Kazuyoshi Hoshino of the racing driver who the Hoshino impul takes the nickname of “the Japan’s fastest man” from the end to retirement of 2002 in the 1970s,
and made an outstanding performance is a custom parts maker acting as a representative (development and sales of the automotive function part).
The Hoshino impul  handles tuning parts such as aeroparts for Nissan cars,
the custom parts such as aluminum wheels, the muffler suspension as a main product much mainly.
Furthermore, through Nissan dealer, it leads to the development and sales of the complete car of the Hoshino impul.
The Hoshino impul sells a lot of stylish aerokits in Lacey for exclusive use of the Nissan car.
From parts becoming the one point to a fully aerokit, it is had abundantly.

One of the complete car which such an impul produced is this Skyline.

There is this complete model only to 300 in the world.
The vehicle gains serial number from 1 to 300.

The exterior is equipped with the parts such as front mask,
front air dam, projector fog light, rear air dam, the rear wing.

It is a very old car, but the condition is good.
Of course there is the serial number, too.
It is very difficult to find a substituted car if this vehicle is sold out.
Give us a message as soon as you thought that I want you.


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