e-Canter / The electric small truck by Mitsubishi Fuso

On September 14, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus announced the electric small truck "e-Canter" for the world market.

"e-Canter" is the world's first mass-produced EV track. The vehicle announced in North America this time achieves a cruising distance of over 100 km with a charge of 7.5 tons of vehicle total weight, 1 hour (DC fast charging) / 9 hours (230 VAC) charging.

Compared to conventional diesel cars, it enables cost reduction of up to 1,000US$ per 1,000 km running.

Nowadays , most world truck company are trying to expand for EV truck.
The "e-Canter" is one of EV truck in the world and it will be so big market.
Because it's very comfortable and high fuel consumption and high quality , and very good the environment.

When we can try to find EV truck in the market , I will let you know.

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