LEXUS "LS + concept"

On Lexus on October 25, 2017, at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show,
the new concept car, LS + concept was unveiled in the world for the first time.

This concept car proposed the future image of flagship sedan "LS".
It is a model symbolizing the foresight of the brand through advanced
and dignified designs and installation of automatic driving technology aimed
at practical application in 2020.
Styling based on the Lexus design philosophy
"L-finesse" shows the direction of the next-generation design of Lexus,
"It is tailored to a majestic expression as a flagship".
Especially around the front, we adopted a variable type large spindle grill
which made the grill shutter compatible cooling performance and aerodynamic performance.
Advanced items such as lights using laser as a light source
and electronic outer mirrors are also characterized.

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