"Honda Vezel" is fully remodeled

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced on April 22, 2021 that it will release a new model of the crossover SUV "Vezel" on April 23, 2021. Honda's best-selling SUV, which debuted in 2013, received its first full model change. The new model aims to amplify (AMP UP) the enjoyment of daily life of users, "trust (everyone can drive with confidence and security)" and "beauty (just pursue the beauty of design)". It was developed with the three keywords of "make the user's actions look beautiful" and "easy fun (to have a fun and energetic daily life with an exhilarating driving experience that appeals to all five senses)". There is.

The body size is total length x total width x total height = 4330 x 1790 x 1590 mm (1580 mm grade is also available), which is 35 mm longer, 20 mm wider and 15 mm lower than the previous model. The 2610mm wheelbase hasn't changed, and the increased overhang gives it a more relaxed style.

The exterior design has further evolved the coupe-like styling with the rear pillars laid down, while adopting the "Sleek & Long Cabin" to ensure a clear view in all seats. The design has a horizontal tone with a single core on the front and back of the body. The aerodynamic performance that sings the segment top class, which was trained at the wind tunnel experimental facility of HRD Sakura, which is responsible for the design and development of F1 machines, cannot be overlooked.

The interior design expresses the strength of an SUV with a "lumpy" form, while the soft pads on the parts that come into contact with the body aim for a space that combines strength and tenderness. The spacious space and utility of Honda's original "center tank layout" have been followed from the previous model. Although the wheelbase is the same size, the space around the feet and knees of the rear seats has been expanded by 35 mm by optimizing the seat mounting members. The tilt angle of the backrest is also increased by 2 degrees to the rear, making it a more relaxing space.

There are two power units, a pure gasoline engine and a hybrid. The former 1.5-liter straight-four naturally aspirated engine produces a maximum output of 118PS / 6600rpm and 142Nm / 4300rpm, and the transmission is combined with a CVT. This CVT has a lower overall ratio than the current "Fit" unit with the same basic structure, and at the time of braking, a pseudo stepped speed change makes it possible to obtain an engine braking effect like a step AT. There is. The fuel consumption value in WLTC mode is 17.0km / liter for FF vehicles and 15.6km / liter for 4WD vehicles.

On the other hand, the hybrid is based on the 1.5-liter engine, which is the same as the predecessor, but has been renewed to the "e: HEV", which is the same 2-motor system as the Fit. The performance of each part is optimized rather than the fit according to the SUV body, the battery capacity has increased from 48 cells to 60 cells, and the maximum output of the 1.5 liter engine has increased from 98PS to 106PS (maximum torque 127N ・ m remains unchanged). The maximum output of the drive motor has been increased from 109PS to 131PS (maximum torque of 253Nm remains unchanged). We are trying to AMP UP the fun of driving. The fuel consumption value in WLTC mode is 24.8 to 25.0km / liter for FF vehicles and 22.0km / liter for 4WD vehicles.

The lineup is a mono-grade gasoline engine model "G". The hybrid model includes the basic grade "e: HEV X" with equipment equivalent to G, the "e: HEV Z" equipped with 18-inch aluminum wheels and a genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel with a heater, as well as Honda Connect display, panoramic roof, and smartphone. It is available in all three grades of "e: HEV PLaY (play)" equipped with a wireless charger.

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