CEO Blog vehicles are all available !!

Until now, always listed 100,000 vehicles, but this time we decided to narrow down to 1,000 vehicles.

However, all of these 1,000 vehicles are available for sale and we can start exporting as soon as you place an order.

Until then , many of the 100,000 vehicles could be sold , but there were too many vehicles and the website became heavy and slow , making it difficult to find the vehicle the customer wanted.
Therefore, we decided to narrow down the number of products in order to increase customer satisfaction.

These are our three vows
2 : TRUSTED & RELIABLE Exporter since year 2006

To keep these three vows, we will always do our best and move forward with our customers.

If you are interested to buy any Japanese used vehicle , please let me know your order details from the car search request page. (*Click to open the page)

It’s for SDGs Goal number 17 “PARTNERSHIP FOR THE GOALS”

Work Together !!

CEO Yuichiro Watabe
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