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How To Read Auction Sheet

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Today I’d like to introduce 7 Important point you should check before bidding using this auction sheet sample.

Almost auction sheets are written in Japanese, but you can ask to your person in charge what they mean before you try auction cars.

(1) Auction Grade  : This is the general evaluation grade of the car condition. (0~5)

0 : Heavy damaged car that can’t be evaluated / 2 : Not so good / 3 : Better but some little damages / 3.5 : Normal / 4 : Fine / 4.5 : Very fine / 5 : Almost brand new car

(2) Exterior / Interior evaluation grades : Generally left box is exterior. Right box is interior. (A~E)

A : Excellent / B : Fine / C : Better / D : Not so good / E : Bad

(3) Selling point : This comment is written by the previous owner. Valuable options, Strong points, etc are written.

(4) Genuine options : Installed genuine options are noticed with abbreviation. Some of symbols are written in Japanese.

Examples : ABS : ABS (Anti-lock braking system) / AB : Air bag / PS : Power steering / PW : Power windows / SR : Sunroof

(5) Cautions : Information about the car condition by an inspector of the auction center.

(6) Inspector comment : Other comments about the car condition & options by an inspector



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(7) Minimum bidding price : The bidding will start from this price (That means you can’t join the auction with less budget than this price).Vitz 02

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