Kenya office of EVERY Co Ltd Japan

We have a distributor and an office in Kenya. Users who have never imported used cars to Kenya are encouraged to take advantage of our Kenya branch. For more information please contact our staff.

The automotive market in Kenya, especially in the field of used car imports, is rapidly expanding. Amid this trend, our used car import agency offers several benefits, which are detailed below:

1. Quality Assurance

Our agency selects only vehicles that meet stringent quality standards. This ensures that consumers in Kenya can access high-quality used cars.

2. A Wide Range of Options

With a diverse range of models and brands available, consumers can easily find vehicles that cater to their specific needs.

3. Reliable After-Sales Support

By offering support for maintenance and repairs for the imported cars, we ensure that customers can use their vehicles with peace of mind for an extended period.

4. Reduced Hassle

By utilizing our agency, consumers can simplify many of the tedious procedures associated with imports, such as paperwork and import processes.

5. Mitigating Currency Exchange Risks

By having the agency handle the entire import process, we reduce the risk of increased costs due to currency fluctuations.

6. Local Network

Our agency is deeply rooted in Kenyan regions, offering services tailored to the characteristics and needs of each area.

7. High Level of Trust

Our agency guarantees reliability and transparency throughout the entire process, from importation to after-sales services.


The used car market in Kenya offers numerous benefits in terms of quality, cost, and convenience. Through our import agency, consumers can maximize these advantages and enjoy a comfortable and secure car life. We invite everyone in Kenya to make the most of our agency's offerings!

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