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ROADSTAR is sports car made by MAZDA since 1989 year.
The total making volume is one million in the world.
It's Guinness world record for two-seater small open sports car.

MAZDA is making good car with "Driving pleasure".
And ROADSTAR is one of typical sports car by MAZDA.


[1st Model] 1989-1998year


Engine : B6-ZE 1597cc 4Cylinder / 120ps/6,500rpm
BP-ZE 1839cc 4CYlinder / 130ps/6,500rpm

This model is selected "CAR OF THE YEAR CENTURY best 100".


[2nd Model] 1998-2005year


Engine : B6-ZE 1600cc 4cylinder / 125ps/6500rpm
BP-ZE 1800cc 4cylinder / 125-154ps/6500rpm
BP-ZET 1800cc 4cylinder / 172ps/6000rpm


[3rd Model] 2005-2015year


Engine : LF-VE 1998cc 4Cylinder DOHC / 162ps/6700rpm

This model is selected "CAR OF THE YEAR 2005".


[4th Model] 2015year-


Engine : P5-VP[RS] 1496cc 4Cylinder DOHC / 131PS/7,000rpm
P5-VPR [RS] 1496cc 4Cylinder DOHC / 131PS/7,000rpm

The theme of design is "Soul of Motion".

This model is selected "CAR OF THE YEAR 2015-2016".


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