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TOYOTA's sales volume is largest in the world 2015 year


Total sales volume of TOYOTA Group (including DAIHATSU and HINO) is 10,094,000 units for 2015 year.
It's largest volume in the world and it's 2 years in a row.

Sales volume in Japan is 1,488,000 units , and in overseas is 7,671,000 units.
Especially , New PRIUS's sales volume was so large.
And big saloon car's sales was increased in USA and China because cost of gasoline was cheaper.

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And regarding sales performance of our company EVERY , our most sales volume is TOYOTA car too.
And least complained car is also TOYOTA.
It's very important for us and customer too.
TOYOTA cars are most large selling in the world , but least complained.
Therefore all Japanese people love TOYOTA , and TOYOTA is best automobile company in the world.

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