Mitsubishi Eclipse / SUV

Mitsubishi Motors declared that they're going to disclose new coupe type SUV named "Eclipse Cross". The unit has been decided to be displayed in Geneva Motor Show of this month.

Eclipse Cross 04

Mitsubishi Eclipse is know as a sport car Mitsubishi had sold in North American market mainly. This time the name will back to the market as a SUV car.

Though I don't think they are similar though both are coupe cars...even it looks a Mini Outlander.

Final model Eclipse (Sport coupe)

Eclipse final 01

Eclipse Cross (New Model)

Eclipse Cross 01 Eclipse Cross 02Eclipse Cross 03

I like this back side design especially.

I'm not sure if coupe body can be poplar in the future Japanese market but compact SUV are one of HOT facts in the world now. The engine line-up is 1500cc Gasoline engine + Turbo with CVT or 2200cc Diesel engine with 8-gear AT. I'm exited to see it on the road.

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