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Business Trip to New Zealand / Part 2


I visited to Auckland city too.
Auckland is biggest city in New Zealand and there are so many Used car dealer.
I stay only two days on this time , so I will stay more over on next time and I will visit and talk with many used car dealer.
I think New Zealand market will be more bigger.

The left person is Mr Matt , he is one of my partner and friend.
He lives in Queenstown.
The middle person is Mr Dylan , he is best friend of Mr Matt.
I could met him too , and I fun so much the restaurant and bar with them.
The time was very nice.

IMG_3401 IMG_3426

This is very important thing for the future of our Japanese used car business.
If I use only internet or telephone , I can not make best bonds with them.
Certainly , the trip cost is high , but "Face to Face" meeting is most important for our future.
So I want to make best bonds with partner and then I want to export more Japanese used cars for high quality and good price.

Thank you so much this time for all friend in New Zealand.
I will come back soon !

Best ragards,

CEO Watabe

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