Volkswagen New T-Cross

Volkswagen announced the new "T-Cross" B-class crossover SUV on October 25, 2018. Sales have already started in the UK. It will be released in Japan in 2019. The base car model is the new polo.

At the Paris Motor Show 2018, scheduled for October 2-14, 2018, the mass production model of the all-new "T-Cross" was officially announced. The new "T-Cross" will be released at the Geneva Motor Show 2019, which will be held on March 7, 2019. Volkswagen officially announced the "T-Cross Concept" as a new crossover SUV at the Geneva Motor Show 2016, which will be held from March 1, 2016. This is the new Polo-based B-class crossover SUV. Adopt modularized MQB platform (modular transverse matrix). Volkswagen Golf VII, Valiant and Audi A3, TT etc. are adopted on this platform.

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