Mitsubishi releases the new SUV 'ECLIPSE CROSS'

On March 1, 2018, Mitsubishi Motors began selling the new compact SUV "Eclipse Cross". 

Eclipse Cross is a compact crossover SUV characterized by styling reminiscent of the coupe, new connectivity function and high driving performance (4WD car) provided by Mitsubishi original propeller control technology. It is the first model of Mitsubishi's next-generation product group, and as its company's Japanese sales model, it will be the new model for the first time in 4 years since "eK space" released in 2014.

The power plant is a combination of a 1.5 liter straight four turbo engine and CVT, and FF and 4 WD are prepared for the driving method. Three grades are available according to the degree of equipment availability.

Body size is full length × full width × total height = 4405 × 1805 × 1685 mm, the wheel base is 2670 mm. The exterior consists of a front design called "dynamic shield" which sandwiched the front grill with a wedge-shaped decorative panel, a belt line and character line that emphasizes a wedge shape (forward tilting posture), a rear combination lamp that divides the rear view into two parts It is characterized, and dynamic and existential styling is pursued.

On the other hand, for the interior, we emphasize the functionality as a crossover SUV, such as a high eye point and a ride space and a luggage space where the space is felt. A 200 mm slide adjustment mechanism and 9 stages of reclining mechanism are adopted in the rear seat of 6: 4 split so that the interior space can be used effectively in a compact body size.

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