Suzuki changes the specifications of "Every / Every Wagon"

In this specification change, display audio with a back-eye camera is set as an option for "vehicles equipped with safety support" for both the Every and Every Wagon models.

For Every, an idling stop system has been added to the 4-speed AT car when the vehicle is stopped. The setting of safety equipment is also expanding, and in addition to equipping the advanced grade "JOIN" with discharge headlamps as standard equipment, the same preventive safety system "Suzuki Safety Support" installed in the same grade is standard equipment on the "PC". , Adopted as an option for "PA / PA Limited".
Furthermore, by changing the luggage room lamp to LED, visibility is improved when working in a dark place.

On the other hand, in the Every Wagon, the room lamp (rear) has been changed to LED, an overhead shelf has been added to the high roof specification, and a genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel has been added to the "PZ Turbo Special".

The equipment has been enhanced. Prices range from 991,100 yen to 1,519,100 yen for the Every Wagon and 1,569,700 yen to 1,929,400 yen for the Every Wagon.

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