PHEV of the new "Outlander"

On December 16, 2021, Mitsubishi Motors began selling the new "Outlander" plug-in hybrid model (PHEV).

The PHEV of the new Outlander is equipped with Mitsubishi's original twin-motor 4WD. By improving the output of the motor and expanding the capacity of the drive battery, it has become more powerful than the conventional model, and the EV mileage has increased from 57km to 87km, making it more attractive as an electric vehicle. It's a feature.

As for the body color, Mitsubishi's diamond series is popular. "White diamond" accounts for 44%, "white diamond / black mica (2 tones)" accounts for 17%, and the newly set color "black diamond" (12%) is ranked in 3rd place. The lineup and prices are as follows.
M (5-seater): 4,621,100 yen
G (5-seater): 4,904,900 yen
G (7-seater): 4,996,200 yen
P (7-seater): 5,230,700 yen

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