Japanese "New Used cars" market

Due to the continuing shortage of semiconductors, delivery of new cars is delayed all over the world.
The same is true in Japan.
For example, even if you order the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 now, it will be delivered in 3 years !!

However, there is a genre called "New Used cars" in the Japanese market, and cars in these genres are almost the same products as new cars.

These are listed in the used car market with little use.
For example, there are many cases where a trial car used by a car dealer or a person who bought a new car but does not suit him immediately sells it and puts it on the market. team can search for "New Used cars" from all over Japan, so it can flexibly meet the demand for new cars from all over the world.

What's more, these "New Used cars" can be purchased at a much lower price than new cars.
A major feature of the Japanese old car market is that you can get "New Used car" similar to a new car at a lower price than a new car.

If you are having trouble with late delivery of a new car in your country, please contact
You can quickly find a new car (new old car) that suits you, and it can be delivered to your country in about 1.5 to 2 month.

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