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Ranking of Country for Japanese Used Car Export / March 2016

Japanese used car export data for March 2016 is announced.

[Ranking Top 20 on March 2016 / Units]

1.UAE / 14,126
2.Myanmar / 13,295
3.New Zealand / 12,610
4.Chile / 7,419
5.Pakistan / 5,041
6.Kenya / 3,888
7.Tanzania / 3,609
8.Bangladesh / 3,509
9.South Africa / 3,490
10.Philippines / 3,037
11.Russia / 2,884
12.Mongolia / 2,823
13.Singapore / 2,692
14.Georgia / 2,565
15.Malaysia / 2,256
16.Sri Lanka / 2,183
17.Jamaica / 1,853
18.Uganda / 1,749
19.Paraguay / 1,438
20.Mozambique / 1,048
Total / 109,878

The total is decreased 5,927 units since last year.
UAE and Myanmar and New Zealand market are staibled.

Singapore is increasing 300% than last year.
Paraguay is increasing 250% than last year.
And Sri-Lanka and Mozambique are decreased.

This year , we will try to find more customers in New Zealand.
New Zealand market is very big and they can not import bad condition cars by country regulation.
So this is good point for us because we can find any good cars from all Japanese market and we have wealth of experience for car export.

And out of ranking , export order for middle of America and carribean area (Antigua & Barbuda , St vincent & Grenadine , Bahama etc) are increasing too.
Their countries people are not so many , but GDP and income are high.
So we will try to find more customer in their market too.

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