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TESLA MOTOR is Electric cars making and selling company.
The CEO is Elon Musk , he is founder of Paypal , and he is also CEO of Space X.
So he is one of the best CEO in the world now , I respect so much and so I want to sell TESLA cars.

"MODEL S" is most safety vehicle.
The all driving system is control by electronic and it can get to acceleration 100km/h by 3 seconds.

And it has automatic driving system , so the driving is very easy and stress free in highway.
P85D model got Innovation Award for Car of the year Japan 2015-2016.


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[Performance] In the case of P90D model
*Cruising distance : 509km
*Acceleration : 100km/h by 3 seconds
*Torque : 967Nm
*Maximum speed : 250km/h

It has many electronic system and it does not need petrol , therefore it's perfect for global environment.
So it might be main car for all over the world in near future.

There is already some used car for MODEL S in Japan.
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