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It’s TOYOTA’s first Fuel-cell vehicle.
TOYOTA team has been developed since 1992year.
And it's got "Executive Committee Special Award" for CAR OF THE YEAR JAPAN 2015-2016.

It's run by hydrogen , not petrol.
So there is no CO2 discharge , it's perfect vehicle for Global Environment.

The hydrogen filling time is needed only 3 minutes.
Then , it can run 650km!

It has no engine , so it's very quiet , but it's powerful and smooth acceleration because it has 4 pillars for powerful driving.
1.Low center of gravity ; It makes better steering stability.
2.Lowest air resistance ; The under is full covered.
3.Good weight balance ; Heavy parts are in the middle of body.
4.High rigidity body ;

There is no Used Car for MIRAI , and it's only in Japan still now.
But I think TOYOTA will be make more because it may be TOYOTA's future vehicle.

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