Toyota announces new BEV strategy

Toyota Motor Corporation held a briefing session on future electric vehicle (BEV) strategies on December 14, 2021.

The venue for this announcement is "MEGA WEB," a "car theme park" in Koto-ku, Tokyo. President Akio Toyoda, who stood in the greeting, said that this facility, which has been visited by a total of 127 million people since its opening in 1999 and is scheduled to be closed at the end of 2021, is a “showroom for the future” suitable for talking about the BEV strategy. I emphasized that.

As the word "showroom" implies, Toyota's BEV-only car "bZ" series was unveiled at the opening of the meeting. One of them is the first "bZ4X" in the series, which was announced in October 2021 and is being prepared for production at the Motomachi Plant in preparation for launch in the middle of 2022. Next to it, the coupe-like silhouette SUV "bZ COMPACT SUV", the most compact urban SUV "bZ SMALL CROSSOVER", the sedan type "bZ SDN", and the large size SUV "bZ LARGE SUV" that seats 3 rows and 7 people. 4 cars were lined up.

Including these, the company will release 30 BEVs globally by 2030. By developing a full lineup, it is said that while responding to various needs of the world, it will deliver the driving and living with BEV unique to BEV to people all over the world.

Furthermore, when the curtain behind the bZ series came down at the signal of President Toyota, 11 BEVs appeared. A total of 16 models of BEVs were lined up, and it was appealed that the above-mentioned BEV full line was never a picture. "(These are actually mass-produced) is not in the future. Most of them will be out in the world in the next few years," said President Toyoda, emphasizing the high feasibility.

Toyota also newly declared that "in 2030, the annual sales volume of global BEVs will be 3.5 million units (about 30% of the total)". In the future, we will strengthen the BEV lineup not only for the Toyota brand but also for the Lexus brand, such as selling the SUV "Lexus RZ" and BEV sports cars. It was announced that by 2030, BEVs will be placed in all categories of the Lexus brand to produce 1 million units globally, and by 2035, new Lexus cars will be 100% BEVs.

He also explained the strengthening of investment accompanying this. Toyota will invest 4 trillion yen in the BEV-related field in the nine years from 2022 to 2030, and will invest a total of 8 trillion yen, including 4 trillion yen for hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles (FCV). Will be done. At the same time, new investment related to batteries has also increased from 1.5 trillion yen announced in September 2021 to 2 trillion yen. The company aims to develop more advanced, good-quality, and inexpensive batteries than ever before.

Under such circumstances, President Toyota explained the reason for aiming for a full lineup without organizing and consolidating BEVs, saying, "There is uncertainty in the future, and it is more important to be able to respond immediately to changes than to predict the future." Explanation. "Until the path to the correct answer is clear, we will continue to leave a wide range of choices for users," and by doing so, "I want to become a company that mass-produces the happiness of people and society," he concluded.

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