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2005Year / May

The Toyota Coaster PB-XZB50: Zambia's Choice for Group Transportation

The Toyota Coaster, especially the PB-XZB50 model with the N04C engine, is a staple on Zambian roads, known for its reliability and spacious 29-seat capacity. This blog post explores the appeal of the used Toyota Coaster in Zambia, detailing why the PB-XZB50 model is particularly favored by businesses and organizations for group transport needs.

The PB-XZB50 Model: Durability and Newer Technology Combined

The Toyota Coaster PB-XZB50 model is equipped with the robust N04C engine, boasting a 4,000cc displacement. This model combines newer technology with proven durability, making it a valuable asset for those who require reliable group transportation. The popularity of the PB-XZB50 model in Zambia is due to its modern features, which provide a comfortable ride while also ensuring longevity of the bus components beyond the engine.

Why Choose the Toyota Coaster PB-XZB50

While the 1HD and 1HZ engine models of the Toyota Coaster are well-regarded for their performance, the PB-XZB50 stands out for those seeking newer and more economically priced options. Its newer year of manufacture, 2005, means that it often comes with parts that last longer and require less maintenance, an important consideration for the tough Zambian roads.

A Bus That Stands Out in the Crowd

The Toyota Coaster is not just one of Toyota's microbuses; it's among the most popular buses in the world. Its reputation for durability and comfort makes it an excellent choice for transport operators in Zambia, where it's used for everything from school trips to tourist excursions.

Meeting Global Demand with Local Deliveries

With a consistent demand for used Toyota Coasters, caters to clients globally, including Zambia, ensuring that they receive the best possible model for their needs. The PB-XZB50 model is particularly sought after, and's extensive network allows customers to find units that offer the latest in Coaster technology and comfort.


For those in Zambia looking for a used microbus, the Toyota Coaster PB-XZB50 model presents a compelling choice. It's an affordable, durable, and comfortable vehicle that meets the demands of group travel. Whether for daily operations or special occasions, the Toyota Coaster remains a reliable and preferred choice for moving people safely and comfortably.

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