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TOYOTA HARRIER is "Luxury SUV" which has good ride and comfortable for Luxury saloon.

1st Model : SXU10(15) / ACU10(15) / MCU10(15)

It was born since 1997year.
The base platform is TOYOTA CAMRY(XY20 model).
The catch copy is "WILD but FORMAL" , so the emblem design motif is male lion.
It is express new genre "Luxury Cross over SUV for Saloon base".

SXU : 5S-FE / 2200cc
ACU : 2AZ-FE / 2400cc
MCU : 1MZ-FE / 3000cc V6

Especially , this model is very popular in Uganda , Tanzania , and Antigua , Saint Vincent



2nd Model : ACU30(35) / MCU30(35) / GSU30(35)

This model is released since 2003year.
Then , it was selling 10 years , it's so long seller because it's very popular in the world.
Of course this is not cheap also used one , but if you pursue to luxury and confortable , I recommend this model so much.

ACU : 2AZ-FE / 2400cc
MCU : 1MZ-FE / 3000cc
GSU : 2GR-FE / 3500cc



3rd Model : ZSU60(65)W / AVU60(65)W

This model is released on 2013year.
The body of this model is based for RAV4 export model (Long body).
This design is strong and sharp.
And LED head light is original option and
Nowadays , this model is very very popular in Japanese market.
Brand new car and used car are selling many in the market.
Of course export customers are buying so much.
This is alos one of my recommend for Japanese car.

ZSU : 3ZR-FAE / 2000cc
AVU : 2AR-FXE / 2500cc


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