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Used TOYOTA HILUX / 5th Model 80/90/100/110 (1988yar-1997year)

TOYOTA HILUX is very popular in the world.
It's cool and convenient for business and private too.
The origin of name is synthesized "High" and "Luxury" , then it's "Hilux".
So it's pick up truck which has luxury like saloon car.


Today , I introduce 5th Model.


It's since 1988year.
Engine is 4 sylinder 2000cc petrol and diesel 2800cc.
And only South America , it has 2400cc/4 cylinder/22R-E engine and 3000cc/V6/3VZ-E engine.

The chassis models ;


Especially , these used cars are popular in Uganda and other East African countries.
If you are farmer , you can use this car for long time and convenient , and for family too.
And if you are car dealer , you can make good customer's satisfaction because used Toyota Hilux is very strong and toughness , so there will be no problem for engine condition.

It's old model , but there are many these models in Japanese marekt still now.
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