Toyota's new SUV "Corolla Cross" debuts!

Toyota Motor announced the new SUV "Toyota Corolla Cross" on September 14, 2021. On the same day, sales started. The Corolla Cross is the first SUV type new model in the Corolla series with a history of more than 60 years. "New space new sensation COROLLA" is listed in the development concept, and it is said that "in addition to the large interior space and high utility unique to SUVs, it has achieved both powerful driving and low fuel consumption."

The exterior design concept is "Urban Active". The dynamic and urban sophistication of an SUV is pursued. The body size is total length x total width x total height = 4490 x 1825 x 1620 mm, which is the only total over 1800 mm in the Corolla series. The wheelbase is 2640mm, which is the same as other models in the Corolla series.

The interior emphasizes the expanse of space with a continuous design from the instrument panel to the door trim. While creating a casual atmosphere by converting all interior lighting to LEDs, the front seats have a slim back and sporty seats that offer high holdability (excluding the cheapest grades), giving them a high-quality feel. Being pursued.

The luggage compartment capacity is 487 liters when 5 people are on board (depending on specifications and equipment). The lower end of the luggage compartment opening is set as low as 720 mm from the ground, and some grades also have a function that allows the back door to be opened and closed simply by moving the toes in and out under the bumper. Furthermore, by using the "Luggage Active Box" designed exclusively for the Corolla Cross, luggage can be stored invisible from the outside of the vehicle, enabling a wider variety of luggage compartment arrangements.

A panoramic roof with an electric sunshade, an accessory outlet (AC100V / 1500W) and an emergency power supply mode (optional setting for some grades) are also selling points.

There are two types of power units: a 1.8-liter straight-four gasoline engine (maximum output 140PS, maximum torque 170Nm) and a hybrid based on the same 1.8-liter engine. In the hybrid vehicle, the output of the engine alone is suppressed to 98PS and 142Nm, but the assistance of the front motor (72PS and 163Nm) is added. Although the drive system of gasoline engine vehicles is limited to FF, 4WD vehicles that drive the rear wheels with an independent rear motor (7.2PS, 55Nm) are set for the hybrid. The fuel consumption (WLTC mode) is 14.4km / liter for gasoline-powered vehicles and 26.2km / liter for hybrid vehicles.

As with the other Corolla series, the platform uses the "GA-C platform" based on the "structural reform of car manufacturing" TNGA, but for the first time on this platform, a torsion beam suspension is used at the rear (FF model). . The rear suspension of the 4WD car is a double wishbone type). The front is a MacPherson strut type.

As for the driving support system, "Toyota Safety Sense" is standard equipment on all models. Unlike the new models of "Aqua" and "Land Cruiser" released the other day, although it does not support detection of oncoming straight vehicles at intersections, it is a pre-crash that can detect bicycles (daytime) and pedestrians (day and night). It is equipped with safety, automatic high beam, road sign assist, etc. Parking support brakes and back guide monitors are also installed except for the cheapest grades.

The lineup and prices of Corolla Cross are as follows. Eight body colors are available, including the image color "Dark Blue Mica Metallic".

[Gasoline engine car]
G “X” (FF / CVT): 1,999,000 yen
G (FF / CVT): 2,240,000 yen
S (FF / CVT): 2,400,000 yen
Z (FF / CVT): 2,640,000 yen

[Hybrid car]
G (FF / CVT): 2,590,000 yen
G (4WD / CVT): 2,799,000 yen
S (FF / CVT): 2,750,000 yen
S (4WD / CVT): 2,959,000 yen
Z (FF / CVT): 2,990,000 yen
Z (4WD / CVT): 3,199,000 yen

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