TOYOTA LAND CRUISER / Histroy of LAND CRUISER : Part3 “Model 60”

TOYOTA LAND CRUISER is King of SUV in the world.
Too many people love this car and too many LAND CRUISER is using in all over the wolrd.
This is the history of TOYOTA LAND CRUISER.



[TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 60] 1960-1984year

It was born 1980 year. It's for successor model by 55.
Petrol engine is 2F model(6 cylinder/4,200cc) and diesel engine was first adopted in the station model.
Diesel engine is 3B engine(6 cylinder/4,000cc) and 2H engine(4 cylinder/3,400cc).


The fire truck model is using still now in local town.

This model is still popular in all Japanese market and for export too because it has retro form and strength body.
This body is very robustness and of course engine and transmission are robustness too.

There are many good condition used cars in Japanese market and we can get.
So if you are interested this model , please let me know.
This model is not new but very strong and toughness and cool shape , so you will love.


Next is 70 model.
70 model is most popular Land cruiser model in all over the world.
It's king of SUV.

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(To be continued Part3 , stay tuned !)


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