TOYOTA LAND CRUISER / Histroy of LAND CRUISER : Part2 “Model 40 and 55,56”

TOYOTA LAND CRUISER is King of SUV in the world.
Too many people love this car and too many LAND CRUISER is using in all over the wolrd.
This is the history of TOYOTA LAND CRUISER.



[TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 40] 1960-1984year

This model is full changed from 20 model.
It was selling for 24year , so it's super long seller model.
Even now many LAND CRUISER mania is loved this model and very high price in market , but loved it sure.

This model had 4th minor change.
1st : Since 1960year
2nd : Since 1967year
3rd : Since 1979year
4th : Since 1980year

This model is in Japanese car market still now.
So if you are interesterd , please let us know. We can try.



[TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 55,56] 1967-1980year

According to at the time of the manual of this model , the body is stylish for passenger car , and safety level is same like passenger car inspire of 4WD , and strong engine and high-speed performance.
It's so unique stylish , therefore the nick name was "Moose" by North America.
Power Train is same type as 40 model. It's 125 horse power.
And then it's 130 horse power since 1969year.

Most of this model was exported to other countries.
It was not so popular for Japanese passenger car market because it was high price and too big size and no diesel model.

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(To be continued Part3)

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