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TOYOTA PRIUS is most popular ECO car in Japan.
This car is sold about 4,000,000 units now.
The concept is "Comfortable for the people and the Earth".



[4th PRIUS] 2015 year
NEW TOYOTA PRIUS is on sale since 2015year December.
The engine is same as latest PRIUS (2ZR-FXE engine) but maximum thermal efficiency is 40% and hybrid system is smaller and compact.
Then maximum fuel consumption of this new PRIUS is 40.8km per 1 litter petrol. It's too high !Can you bilieve ? But it's true.

Engine : 1NZ-FXE/1500cc
Fuel consumption : 40.8km/L



[3rd PRIUS] 2012year-2015year
Engine : 2ZR-FXE/1500cc
Fuel consumption : 31.6km/L
"Plug in Hybrid" was born since this model.



[2nd PRIUS] 2003year-2011year
Engine : 1NZ-FXE/1500cc
Fuel consumption : 35.5km/L
It's corresponding for "Emissions standard 75% reduction level for 2005year".


[1st PRIUS] 1997year-2003year
Engine : 1NZ-FXE/1500cc
Fuel consumption : 31km/L
December 1997
The catch copy "It was in time for the 21st century".
It was born as the world's first "mass-produced hybrid car".


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