Year-end gift♪

We received year-end gift "Akitakomachi" from SEALS CO.,LTD.


"Akitakomachi" is a representative brand of Akita.
This taste of rice plainly.
It is the rice with the impression sold cheap in the supermarkets, but it is tasty, and the tenacity is good and is an at all high quality kind.

It can eat without any regret without being heavy on the stomach, it is a recommended kind for a woman.
In addition, a price is low for taste and quality, and cost performance is a good kind.

☆Recommended for a woman - Akitakomachi -

"The Akitakomachi" is the kind that crossed "Koshihikari" and "Ou 292".

The biggest characteristic of the Akitakomachi is light.
Because it is not strong though taste is strong, You can eat it a lot plainly.
The tenacity is not strong, and there is not the feeling to eat its fill.
On the other hand, it is correct to any side dish well because I taste taste of the rice well and am eaten.
☆Blend well with "Akitakomachi"

"Akitakomachi" is the rice which taste of rice did well.
On the other hand, taste is not too thick.
The characteristic harmonizes with rice with a taste of the material moderately.

I match a menu of the thick taste, but, if anything, a side dish enjoying taste of the material can draw the characteristic of the rice and is recommended.

☆Menu in accord with "Akitakomachi"
・Western-style and Chinese food (Side dish of the thick taste)
・Rice ballbag and lunch etc