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New EVERY Sticker


Our new sticker is made now.
It has 5 colors which you can choose one or some of them.
Now there are already so many our customer's cars with this sticker in all over the world because we pasted this sticker to all our stock before export.


And we bring so many stickers when we visit customer's country.
Then we present this sticker when we meet our partner and customer.
This is one of our special present from Japan.

Also , you can make profit by this sticker.

How ?

If this sticker is pasted your car or your office , somebody ask you "what is this sticker?"
You can answer "This is Japanese used car exporter's sticker".
Then if he or she wanted any car from Japan , you can introduce our comapany "EVERY" by this sticker.
Then you can get your commission if the customer order a car from EVERY.
This is very good idea for your profit.

Of course if you want it , I can present for you.

Best regards,

CEO Watabe

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