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Walter Chrysler founded Chrysler in 1925 in Michigan. After founding the company, the Walter Chrysler used the general motors brands diversification strategy and has been working for the dodge brothers, Fargo trucks and for Buicks. While working with them, he created Plymouth and Desoto brands. After world war, their market share declines and they borrowed money and designs new cars. Chrysler expands its business in Europe by taking control of British, Spanish and French automobile industry. The Chrysler history involves the engineering, alteration of resources, high finance, and various mergers and acquisitions. The company manufactured a vehicle named Chrysler. The made is affordable and the car is technologically advanced in features. The company sells around 3200 units in a year.

In 1928 the Chrysler divided their cars by prices and their functions. The Plymouth brand is introduced to target low priced customers. At the same time, the Desoto marque was introduced at a medium price level. Chrysler bought the dodge brothers and launched the truck company with the name of Fargo. They have launched different ranges of trucks in the markets. Their old trucks are more reliable than old used Japanese trucks and have almost paced as in old used Japanese buses.

As the company sees the boom of American muscle vehicles, they launched the Plymouth road runner. This car got to the center of the stage. In recent times, the iconic model Chrysler 300C was introduced in 2000, and lasted for 11 years. Chrysler 200 was launched in 2015 with the slogan of "America's Import. Chrysler has founded that class would meet high standards, both in the interior and under the hood.

Dodge Charger:

The super fastest car with sporty design and looks. The dodge is faster than a mustang, and makes it hard for Mustang to catch it. It is proper sedan available in rear or four-wheel drive options. The Charger was best known for having 426 Hemi V8. This model gets consistent popularity for Chrysler, from seven generations of the vehicle from the 1960s to the late 1980s. A new version is manufactured again in 2006 after nineteen years.

Chrysler 300:

The Chrysler 300 is considered as the most powerful car of Americans at that time. It is represented in NASCAR and wins 27 races from the year of production. It is the luxury car with a 6.1 Hemi v8 engine. Chrysler 300 is one of its type and still known as the best car produced by the Chrysler.

There are also some cars which are least popular in Chrysler history. Like Chrysler Sebring, dodge neon, Chrysler, and eagle premier. The Chrysler Sebring has good exterior and interior but has faults in the engine. As the same case with dodge neon it has engine failure and paint starts peeling off. The Chrysler Aspen is good but due changes in the prices of gas in nationwide will make Chrysler discontinued manufacturing. The eagle premier is good in engine wise but can't attract more customers than Audi or Volvo.

The Chrysler has demonstrated a commitment to quality and excellence for almost the century. They produced many modern automobiles in the industry. But they did not raise their level up in last years. The company is known for its symbol of quality. Some of its models are still famous and are on the roads today. The company puts its all efforts and resources to provide the quality of cars. Unfortunately, their marketing intention makes them remain unsuccessful. They always try to make a car demanded by American people but most of the times, they had to pay for forward thinking and being too much ambitious to the automobile industry.