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A German automobile manufacturing company, since 2017 Opel is the subsidiary of Group PSA, the French automobile organization. Headquartered in Hessey and Russelsheim am Main, Germany, the Opel company engineers, markets, design and produce light-head commercial vehicles, vehicle parts, Opel-branded passenger vehicles. Opel automotive are sold in the UK under the name of its sister brand “Vauxhall.” Some automotive vehicles of Opel are also selling badge-engineer in Australasia under the brand name of “Holden” and under the name of “Buick brand” in North America and China.

Opel is representing its British brand Vauxhall almost 50 percent countries of the world. In 1862, Opel has traced its roots in a sewing machine manufacturer that is founded by Adem Opel. In 1886, Opel had introduced its first bicycle in the world and later on introduce its first automotive in 1899. In 1929, Opel had taken the majority stake of Open in General Motors.

History of Opel:

In the beginning, Opel only manufactured sewing machines that were later on relocated from a cowshed. Opel launched its new automobile product in 1886. Opel automotive company started to manufacture high-wheel bicycles. Opel introduced their first cars in 1899 when Sophie (the wife of Mr. Opel) and two elder sons of Adem enter in the partnership business with Fierdrich Lutzmann. In 1909, Opel introduced their Opel 4/8 PS model (a doctor’s car) that broke all records in the market of automotive. Many physicians had appreciated the reliability and robustness. In 1911, the company’s main headquarter was caught fire and everything was destroyed. In the early stages of the 1920s, Opel won the award of becoming very first German car manufacturing company. With great hard work and determination, Adam Opel led the way of automobiles not only the transportation means for rich but also a soothing way for poor.

In March 1929, Open had not only impressed the General Motors (GM) with its advanced production facilities but dynamism them to buy 80% stakes of the company. In 1935, Opel became the only German Car production company that produced 10,000 cars over a year. In 1934, Opel produced its first German base mass-production vehicle that had a self-supporting steel body. The invention of this mass-production vehicle was announced as the most innovative invention in the history of automotive. During World War II, Opel introduced its most versatile German military vehicle named as “kettenkard” which was the perfect blend of motorbike and tractor that also bear the 1.4 L power of Olympia war engines.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Opel and its British brand Vauxhall were rationalized as the one prominent and consistent range across Europe. In March 1984, Opel showcased its first Turbocharging car “Opel Rekord 2.3 TD” ta Geneva. In 2010, Opel decided to invest €11 billion in Antwerp plant that is established to design the innovative, advanced and fuel-saving transmissions and engines. There are different brands from Japan that are registered under Opel such as Opel Astra, Opel Mokka X, Opel Corsa and many more. The use of Opel trucks and buses with Japanese technology are increasing day by day.

Opel _ it's branded with their advanced features:

No matter, if you want to buy Opel Astra or Opel Insignia GS and Ampera, all models of vehicles are installed with high technological German features. The automotive of Opel has 6-airbags that ensures the security of driver and passenger, dynamic stability control with Hill assistant system, tire pressure monitoring system that allows you to monitor the tire pressure on difficult roads. In Opel Corsa 2019, there is also an ISO fixed child seat security system that safeguards children from serious injuries if something happens during driving. This car has the most advanced interior features that stand out this car in the crowd of many automobiles.