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Over the history of 200 years, the beginning is from the small town in France, where the Peugeot family makes a number of innovative creations. Their interest in being innovative lead them to create worlds one the established automotive brand. Now they have their manufacturing plants and office all around the world.

Peugeot is a French automobile company founded in 1810; it is the time when Peugeot Company started to manufacture coffee and spices grinding machines. The company first started to make bicycles. In 1889 they made their first three-wheeler steam engine car. As continually changes in technology they are the first car manufacturers who fit rubber tires in a petrol engine car. The company is a pioneer in motor racing and won many races. During the First World War Peugeot become the major manufacturer of army vehicles and bicycles. The company objective is to deliver the best driving experience with powerful engines. Their army vehicles are far better than old Japanese buses and old Japanese trucks.

To make their brand recognizable in the market, the first symbol for their steel products is a lion. The image of a lion represents their products strengths, reliability, and sharpness. In 1858 the logo is registered as a trademark of Peugeot. And from 1948 the logo becomes appeared on cars bonnet. The company makes changes in logo design with the passage of time.

Peugeot 201

The company launched the Peugeot 201 in 1929 and it was the cheapest car in the French market. This attracts tends to attract more customers but unfortunately the company sales decreases. The Peugeot 201 is the company's first best model and was presented at the Paris Motor Show. There were several variants of this model is introduced with some changes in engine capacity. In 1968 The Peugeot 504 made its debut in Paris. The car featured a rear wheel engine driving. They have appealing body design and excellent performance on the road. The standard fuel injection system made this car fast. The suspension is smooth and the general package was great for long route drives. The different body variations making this car bestselling model in Peugeot's history.

Peugeot 505

In 1979 Peugeot launches 505 and was the most recognizable car on the planet. The car is made for developing countries. The car has the ability to handle the poor road conditions and drives well on any road. This medium sized car become successful in developing countries. It is a small car with a sitting capacity of up to eight peoples. They have best handling experience on the road and get popularity in the united kingdom also. Peugeot has been popular cars, and have won five European cars of the year awards. In 2009 the Peugeot make motorsports history, by becoming first and second in a row. Peugeot sports continue making history and also gather achievements in other areas of sports.

Some old models of Peugeot still have high demand and usage in West Africa and some in other countries of the world. The older models of Peugeots are more reliable in some cases extremely reliable. In the recent survey, the Peugeot jumped from the 10th position to 5th for the most dependable car brands. Their four Peugeots models placed in 100 cars for reliability. The Peugeot models have some issues regarding their reliability of the car models and brand also. It was noticed that they have ninety-two problems in a hundred cars. Their cars have low popularity in the market. They have high repair and maintenance cost. The repair is a cost is not as much expensive than their rivals have. Despite they have minor setback, Peugeot is going strong, becoming one of the main players SUV market.