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    • Stock NO
    • 2403081007BTBDB
    • Model Code
    • 6012
    • Reg Year/Month
    • 2021/7
    • Engine CC
    • 3,000 cc
    • Mileage
    • 29,000 km
    • Fuel
    • Diesel
    • Transmission
    • MT
    • SEATS
    • 5

    30,080 US$

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    • Stock NO
    • 2310261114BTBTN
    • Model Code
    • -
    • Reg Year/Month
    • 2010
    • Engine CC
    • 2,000 cc
    • Mileage
    • 40,000 km
    • Fuel
    • Gasoline(Petrol)
    • Transmission
    • Clutchless-MT/Semi-AT
    • SEATS
    • 5

    5,162 US$
    5,434 US$ 5% OFF

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The Volkswagen group is among the most superior automobile producers in Europe and automobile manufacturers worldwide. To meet the highest expectations around the world, its twelve fascinating brands offer adaptability in every vehicle class.


In the early 1930’s, a car was a luxury. Most Germans were not able to afford any other vehicle except motorcycle. Only one out of 50 Germans owned a car. Considering that hindrance, many people started working on the “people’s car” project. In 1937, under the control of Adolf Hitler of the National Socialist (Nazi) Organization, the government of Germany formed a new state owned automobile company called as Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH. Although, a year later, it was named Volkswagen “people’s car” simply. Volkswagen was established by the German Labor Front (Deutsche Arbeitsfront) in 1937. Headquarters were in Wolfsburg, Germany.

The Austrian engineer Ferdinand Porsche was hired by German Labour Front in 1934 and he was responsible for the original design of the car. In 1939, World War II, Volkswagen’s involvement in the military made its factory an earmark for the integrated bombers and by the end of the war, the factory was in ruins. The mass production of Volkswagen began in 1946 after it was rebuilt under British supervision. In 1950’s the production of the Volkswagen expanded speedily. Initially, the sales of Volkswagen was slower in the United States because of its prior connection with Nazi as well as its unusual rounded shape and small size. However, in 1959, the landmark campaign launched by Doyle Dane Bernbach, dubbing the car ‘beetle’ and revolving its small size as a distinctive feature to the customers. As a result, it became the top-selling company in US in the next several years. Golf initially called Rabit, introduced in 1974 in the US, was an instant success.

The company also started to produce vans and commercial vehicles in addition to passenger cars. Several other automotive companies are also owned by Volkswagen including Bentley in UK, Bugatti in France, Audi and Porsche in Germany, SEAT in Spain, Skoda in Czech Republic and Lamborghini in Italy.

Worldwide Recognition

Volkswagen has factories in many regions of the world where they manufacture and assemble vehicles for local markets. Including Germany, manufacturing and assembling plants are present in China, US, Russia, Poland, Bosnia and many other progressing countries. In Forbes Global 2000, it was declared as one of the 25 largest companies of the world. By 2016, it was the second largest manufacturer worldwide.

Popular models

Some of the recognized models of Volkswagen are

  • • 1946 Volkswagen Type 11 “Beetle”
  • • 1973 Volkswagen Passat
  • • 1975 Volkswagen Golf GTI
  • • 1975 Volkswagen Polo
  • • 1989 Volkswagen Corrado
  • • 1977 Volkswagen Sciracco
  • • 2003 Volkswagen Touran

Some characteristics of Volkswagen

Volkswagen possess some common characteristics in all of its models

Safer cars: Volkswagens are generally safer cars as compared to many other SUV’s. They are strongly built than other vehicles and are expected to have more aggressive crash testing, therefore, get high safety ratings. Moreover, the turbocharged engine makes these vehicles more powerful and safer to drive.

Luxury and Comfortability: Volkswagen models offer luxurious yet comfortable features. The cars are comfortable, innovative and extremely reliable and safer to drive. The leather seating, driver assistance systems, adaptive cruise control, rear vision camera, ambient lighting and many other features make this vehicle one of a kind.

Savings and special incentives: they also offer special incentives and savings than any of its competitors. It feels like a luxury without a price. What can be more calming than that?

Performance and agility: Volkswagen models have the greatest performance and agility despite low cost. The sporty models like GolfGTI and Golf Alltrack are all set to be outmatched than any of its competitors.

Volkswagen vehicles are far better than many of its competitors like Honda, Toyota, Ford etc. If you are looking for a car that delivers significant performance and premium quality features, Volkswagen is a perfect choice and is also pocket friendly. Models like Jetta and Passat are perfect choices for Sedan-drivers. Volkswagen also provides the best quality trucks and buses for transport facilities like Volkswagen Kombi and Volkswagen Transporter Pickup. These are far better to use than any used Japanese trucks or used Japanese buses as they are more reliable, powerful, efficient and attractively designed.