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History of Volvo:

Stylized as VOLVE or Volvo car group is the luxury vehicles company of Sweden. It is also a subsidiary of Geely, the Chinese automotive vehicle company. Headquarters located in Gothenburg, Torsland, and this company is mainly included in the production and marketing of sedans, SUVs, station wagons, compact executive SUVs and sport utility vehicles. All the cars of Volvo are marketed on the basis of its reliability, solidity and safety technology.

In 1927, Volvo introduced the world-changing innovations by rolling-off the first Volvo production. It was founded as the subsidiary of the ball bearing SFK manufacturer in 1915. At that time, its main purpose was to operate special ball bearing of the American market. Assar Gabrielson was its CEO and Gustav Larson was appointed as its technology manager. Volvo is a Latin word that means I roll. First Volvo car (Volvo OV 4) was launched and left in Assembly line in 14th of April 1927.

In the early stages of the 1970s, Volvo successfully acquired the passenger car division of the Dutch company. Vivo successfully marketed their small vehicles and release the first Volvo-340 the Dutch built SUV. In 1986, Volvo made a record of selling 113, 267 cars in the US market. In 1999, Volvo had sold its vehicle manufacturing organization and bought 5% stake shares in Mitsubishi Motors, the Japanese automobile company. Volvo Group is the Japanese buses, truck, and construction equipment that are owned by Swedish Interest. In the early stages of the 2000s, the used of Japanese buses and the use of Japanese trucks increase with a rapid speed.

There are almost 12 brands are included in the Volvo group. Volvo Car Corporation was owned by Ford Motor Company. In 2015, Volvo breaks all the selling records in the world and sale millions of cars in its 89-years of a manufacturing career. The sales of these vehicles rose up to 10% in Europe that represents 50% of total car sale volume globally. Volvo Vehicles Company was also the exponent of autonomous cars. In 2017, Uber had also announced that they are going to buy almost 24,000 variant from Volvo cars only if those vehicles have built the self-driving system. Two companies have also announced that they are going to collaborate with Volvo for the design of built-in-system.

Safety measures and features in Volvo:

The only reason for increase marketing and historic reputation of Volvo vehicles are depending upon its reliability and solidity. For the first time ever, Volvo introduces the use of laminated glass in their PV models. The standard three-point safety belt of Volvo cars was designed by its technology engineer Nils Bohlin. In 1998, the engineers of Volvo successfully installed head-protecting airbags and yes that security system has become the standards in all existing models.

In 2004, Volvo introduced its blind spot information system. This security system had the ability to detect blind spot with its side-view camera and alert the driver with a red light signal. The previous largest sale of Volvo vehicles was equipped with daytime running lights and side-marker lights.

Volvo S90, Volvo V40 Crossover, Volvo S60 Cross Country and Volvo XC90 are the best Volvo vehicles that break all the selling records with their safety innovations that include DSTC, WHIPS, SIPS, ROPS, and their built-in body structures. In Volvo S80, the PCC (Volvo’s personal car communicator was launched as an optional feature.

According to its remarkable speed controlling, traffic jamming and safety features Volvo is the world’s topmost vehicle selling company. The company devotes its body style with the use of capital letters such as S represent sedan, C represent convertible, V represents its versatility and XC denote cross country.